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The trading and analytic platform Market Trend Detector

Platform MTDetector is designed for professionals. It has different types of graphic representation of the market data with the powerful capabilities of filtration. There is a complex alert system that allows you to create an alert for considering the various conditions at the same time. Your trading system can be semi-automatic or automatic.There are the analysis tools of tick data, order flow analysis, graphic data representation Level 2,volatility analysis and the possibility of HFT algorithms analysis. You can write your own trading robot by means of the built-in platform script and control few or more accounts, trade in different markets with different tools (futures, options, stocks) at the same Market Trend Detector platform.


Platform has 14 types of charts, including cluster and profile charts with wide filtering capabilities. There are several tipes of tick charts, as well as several types of Level 2 data graphical visualization, the books of orders.

Analysis of the orders flow

There are upgraded market depth (DOM) and the order flow data (T & S) with extend analysis capabilities. It can show iceberg orders, filter market transactions.


This is a service to search for historical and statistical market data, including tick data. Rate data by date and time (volume, bid, ask, delta, etc.)

Market Review

There is an easy interface of the Stock, Futures, –ěptions market review. It allows you to analyze the specific markets or market segments. It is possible to create your own indexes. There is an analysis of every single instrument at different markets all at the same time. Built in Screener allows you to find interesting instrument quickly according to the set-up parameters.


The ability to send the orders through both charts and the market depth. Chart Trader has a services for risk management, the ability to create your own strategies.

Arbitrage service

You can realize any arbitrage trading strategies at our platform.

Robo trader creating

Built in script allows to create your own robo trader.

Semi trading

Signal system allows to take into account the different conditions of one or several instruments of your trading system and convert them into a signal, it will help not to miss system transactions.

Trading systems testing

Replay Trading allows you to test your trading system or trading skills on the history and use several types of charts or several time interval at the same time.